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Off Road Driving Experiences in Scotland.
Occupational off road driver training both 4x4 and ATV

  • Never tried driving a 4x4 off-road before?
  • Driven a bit but want to improve your skills and feel more confident?
  • Drive off-road in Scotland or Northumberland for the course of your work?
Whatever your skill level, we can tailor our courses to fit your needs enabling you to get the most out of your time with us.

We have our own purpose-built off-road site at Winton House East Lothian where you can learn the safest way to tackle the obstacles you encounter, in either your own vehicle or one of ours.

And you’ll learn how sympathetic driving techniques allow you to tread lightly in your vehicle, helping to preserve not only it but our fragile environment as well.

The Farx4 off-road site is not available for pay and play activities.

4x4 driving in scotland 4x4 occupational training in scotland


Farx4 is a fully accredited member of BORDA and the International Organisation of Professional Drivers

The Experience

Land Rover off road driving experience
This is an introduction to off-road driving for the novice, the unconfident or for those thinking about buying a 4x4.

In the course of a morning or an afternoon, we’ll talk through the fundamentals of how the 4x4 vehicle works and then we’ll teach you the basics of driving across various terrain.

The Experience offers an eye-opening experience to those who have never seen (or felt!) what these amazingly capable vehicles can do. It builds your confidence and teaches you how to read the ‘road’ and tackle different situations as safely as possible.

You are welcome to bring along a passenger who can share the driving experience at no extra cost.

BORDA British Off Road Driving Association Specialist Trainers

Three different types of experience are available with FarX4


The hour and a half safari will test the capabilities of the vehicle with the instructor only behind the wheel. We will venture to the more extreme areas of the off-road course to demonstrate first hand what a Land Rover Defender is capable of in experienced hands!


In the course of two hours we'll give a brief demo of how the vehicle works, where it will go and how to get the best from it. Then you'll drive under the supervision of the instructor. You'll soon be grinning from ear to ear as the vehicle picks its way over terrain you would think twice about walking on!


This is an hour's insight into the world of off-road driving and the capabilities of a 4x4. With you driving we will give you a taste of what off-road driving is all about without pushing the vehicle too hard. If you have never driven off-road before prepare to be surprised.
Safari, Experience and Taster sessions are all available as gift vouchers valid for 12 months. Anyone wishing to drive must show a current driving licence. Two passengers are permitted. All sessions must be pre-booked using the number which appears on the gift voucher.
 Trainers Member

Driver Training

These are more intensive courses and you will as ever be under the guidance of a BORDA specialist trainer using our site near to Edinburgh in East Lothian. We start with an in-depth explanation of the workings of a 4x4, what the oily bits do and why! Then we focus on helping you to learn the skills you need to tackle more testing terrain.

Reading the landscape and conditions, emergency stop, tackling steep downhills and uphills, reverse ascents, side slopes and ruts – these areas and more will be covered as we build your confidence and understanding of safe vehicle handling. We’ll take into account your previous experience and adapt the course to your benefit. If you drive a 4x4 off-road in Scotland or Northumberland as part of your usual working day the benefits of this course could be far-reaching.

Winch Training

Learn essential skills for the safe operation of vehicle mounted winches. You will have explained to you the main principles relating to winch operation, how to undertake a risk assessment, have a better awareness of environmental issues, how to keep maintenance costs down by using equipment correctly, recovery techniques and more.

Farx4 winch training courses are carried out to BORDA certificated standards.


a days off road driving in the scottish borders
A day spent driving through forests and across open moorland, with only a few other vehicles for company. Throughout the year we lead adventure days through parts of the Scottish Borders that would not otherwise be accessible allowing us all to enjoy breathtaking panoramas. Many of our trails incorporate Forestry Commission land, allowing us all to enjoy breathtaking panoramas. Adventures are designed to be fun for you, your passengers and your vehicle! We’re on hand to offer advice and guidance, of course, but the countryside speaks for itself.

In 2017 Farx4 will once again be heading to Ireland for a number of days. This tour has proved very popular recently and is often oversubscribed. More details will be posted here and on the Farx4 Facebook page once they are confirmed.

Adventure days take us well off the beaten track so it is important that your vehicle has at least all terrain tyres and good recovery points fitted.
off road adventures and trainingUK

Quad bike training and ATV courses the Scottish Borders, East Lothian and Northumberland

We offer BORDA occupational training for those riders who operate an ATV (ride in and ride on)  as part of their job, this is a full day course for 1 or 2 riders. For those who are new to ATVs a second day may be required to achieve everything that is included in the training schedule. As with all Farx4 training we are more than happy for trainees to use their own ATVs as it make sense to train with a familiar vehicle. Likewise we are more than happy to undertake the training at your own site so we can incorporate all the obstacles and terrain that you would usually operate on. Please phone or email Farx4 for more details.
ATV & Occupational Quad Bike Training in Scotland


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